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Newly Evolving Existence Matrices
A personal Mission Statement:

The definition of life itself has become blurred, the virtual and real have converged together into a continuum, the infotech / biotech / nanotech trichotomy.   The most
powerful tools of creation ever invented have
synergistically accelerated the human species into a
realm of transformation which, in just the past decade, supercedes all of the 2 ½ million years of human socio-technological evolution preceding this moment in time.  

The internet, the most complex knowledge and process transceiving platform ever created, is emerging as an operational ecology, itself populated with, and becoming evermore dependant on artificial life, evolved intelligences, biological metaphors in computing.    The fabric of the Internet is evolving as the experiential conveyance engine of the human / internet symbiosis existence manifold.  Bidirectional telepresense and tele-existence streaming are  functionalities becoming embedded into this manifold.  It is here, at this evolutionary event horizon, where we acquiesce to a realm where the interface boundary between the real and the virtual, the organic and the synthetic, become seamlessly infused into an irreversable, ever evolving symbiosis of our own creation, and what evolves henceforth.

Nanotechnology, the ability to create new molecular materials, to assemble complex objects at the molecular scale, is already emerging into the next industrial revolution.  Applied biotechnology is poised to recreate our own genetic composition, generate artificially "constructed" organisms, bio-teraform the planet, in essence, to redefine what "life" actually is.   Emergent infotechnology is becoming the creation of self evolving, self organizing systems of machinery, processes, and knowledge domains that we are already symbiotically dependant on.     This nanotech / biotech / infotech trichotomy forms the primary elements of an operational ecology of which we are now symbiotically engaged occupants.  

What is relevant, indeed mission critical to our possible adaptation to, and successful negotiation of this evolutionary transformation, to approach the entire system as series of synergistically interdependent processes, just as one would observe in the ecologies of nature.  

Evolution tends to be a trauma induced process model; that is, as long as the periodicity and amplitude of the trauma cycles do not over exceed the system's capacity to respond, the system in question tends to respond by evolving into a more robust form.   This paradigm operates as a fractal, at all scales ranging from the individual, to entire colonies, civilizations, ecosystems, planets, even at cosmological scales.   This same mechanism applies to psychological, societal, and anthropological systems, and to the domains of both the physical and the spiritual.

Perched at the edge of the most spectacular, yet challenging evolutionary eventhorizon yet encountered,  we are armed with an extraordinarily powerful collection of interrelated tools accelerating into fruition.   But this is merely a primer, a preparatory adjustment for entering into a realm which we are just beginning to get a glimpse of:  the realm of quantum consciousness.    This is where the technology of quantum physics, and the inner realms of applied consciousness intersect.      

My mission, and my hope, is to
harness these tools, and apply
them accordingly.   I carry no
delusions of assured success,
only a compelling passion to try.
Charles Ostman